Friday, July 11, 2014


Was it ever an actual question? How could I not want to join in celebrating the one and only,
incomparable, Oonaballoona's oonapalooza!
 I think it's about time to make something fun in honor of the gal who inspired me
to start sewing again, believe in myself and actually put pictures of myself in clothes
that I made on the interwebs!

So heres the skinny. I made a silk, sheer By Hand London Anna dress. I know how Oona loves
BHL, and I know her love of print. This is probably the closest I will get to orange! I don't
usually go for bright colors. The fabric was purchased at an amazing Indian shop called 
India Fabric Imports in Berkeley, the prices there are great and the prints are fabulous.
 I think that it is meant for a parsis, but this fabric had another destiny in it's future.

Let's all drink to this inspiring ladays day!!

Ok, so if you haven't noticed- the dress is a bit tight in the waist. I didn't want
to wash this silk but I should have steamed it before I cut it. Unfortunately all
of the steam from my finishing shrunk it down a bit. But it wouldn't be Oonapalooza
if it wasn't a bit sexy!!

Have a great month Miss Oona! Cheers!!


  1. YOU BEAUTY!!! those colors are delicious on you! and you got everything kalkatroonaan in there for sure...i. love it!

    1. Yay! I will be wishing you happy birthday again in August!

  2. You're a Oona vision! Love this!

  3. Yay! You finished your Anna Dress! It looks great! Cheers!

  4. OH MY GAH, I LOVE IT! You look cute as a button!!!!!

  5. You have such a good eye for prints; the colors in this one are just sooo lovely! Love what you did with your pics too!