Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Floral Crown Tutorial With Smile Heart Love

Recently I have been busy with life type things, 
so sewing has been a bit on the back burner. 
But not to worry, I have a pile of spanking new patterns calling out my name.
Until then let me share with you a floral crown tutorial that my amazingly talented
 pal Naomi over at Smile Heart Love dreamed up...

First thing to do is get yourself some gorg flowers. Being that most all flowers are beautiful..
go crazy! Be creative! Don't forget to get some lovely leafy fillers too.

You will need scissors, wire, wire cutters and floral tape.
Cut a piece of medium weight wire (with wire cutters) to fit around
 your head and then twist  the ends together. Next, choose a  
flower, cut the stem about 2 inches long and wrap your 
floral tape around the stem and your wire halo.

Keep on adding different flowers and leaves and attaching the stems to the wire
wreath with the floral tape. 


You can choose to wrap flowers all the way around the crown, or leave some areas
less heavy. I kind of prefer this more asymmetrical look. (Naomi was keen enough
to make hers that way, I lumbered as many flowers as would fit on to mine!)

The lovely Naomi..

Her floral crown was particularly elegant, I love the movement
that the leaves create. 

Thank you Naomi for a wonderful afternoon of girly fun.  Can't wait to see
your tutorial (with much more professional photography), over at your blog!


  1. ah, i love this so much. do you think it would be weird to skip around in a flower crown in snowy midtown?

    1. I think it would be so rad if you did that!! Please do that!!

  2. I made two of these last year. Yep! Two. They're a little too ridiculous to wear out, so I've hung them up as decor at my desk.

    1. They are such lovely decorations! After the photo shoot we did I actually dried mine!

  3. Wow, this is so pretty! I want one! Now!

  4. i looooove it. i second the comment above - i want one!

  5. Angie... this was super fun. I cannot wait until next time!

    1. Mee too! Love your lovely floral illustrations!