Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Fashion Finishing School- learn how to draw

Friends, I would like to take this opportunity to share with you a very special website and blog,
that involves two of the most dear people I know. Artist, author, teacher and
fashion illustrator Nancy Rieglemen (who was my drawing teacher at FIDM-
I am so freakin lucky-) has founded an amazing website which is a huge resource for
fashion designers and home sewers who want to learn how to draw fashion.
Please visit Fashion Finishing School if you are at all interested in
fashion drawing or at the very least, love a darn good blog.

 Wouldn't you love to be able to draw and shade like this? 
Nancy can teach you!

These gorgeous illustrations by Nancy Riegleman are from the 
Fashion Wedding set of cards that are available on the site. 

This is the best how to book that I know of on learning fashion illustration. 
Available here.

Wait - did Oona or Marilyn say that?
A blurb from the blog. Such cool posts.. I love learning about things like the history
of buttons and seeing historical fashion objects.

Watch Fashion Finishing School's instructional You Tube videos
Nancy Riegleman is such a fantastic teacher. 
All illustrations by Nancy Riegleman.

 And finally introducing Stefani Greenwood, who helped
 Nancy to create the Fashion Finishing School
website. An amazing artist, photographer, designer and 
craft person in her own right. Her creativity constantly amazes me!
Check out her wonderful photography, and the moving photography of
Gilda Davidian, (another dear, incredibly creative and talented cool individual)

Above photo by Stefani Greenwood and the below 
photo by Gilda Davidian was featured in Oh Comely Magazine.


  1. ooooo, that GOWN....

    i have a fashion illustration book that i reeeeallly need to get into. it's divided into weekly exercises...where do all the weeks go?

    1. Yes, it is a practice that I should e keeping up with too. I would like to know where all of the time goes!!

  2. Awwwww thank you Angie. You are one of the very dearest to us as well - filled with creativity and passion that inspires forever! Thank you friend! xo

    1. Of course! I am constantly amazed by the stuff you come up with, just had to share!! xo

  3. AH! Totally checking out her site. Thanks for the reference!

  4. Wow!!! How awesome! Thanks for the link!

    1. :) you have introduced me to some pretty cool links lady!

  5. You are the sweetest, Angie! <3

  6. You're the sweetest Gilda!! xo