Sunday, January 5, 2014

Gerard, finally

Done are the holiday socializing and family get togethers and onto sewing we go! 
My plans for my Isabel Marant jacket became much more within my grasp when 
Gingermakes commented that there was a perfect French pattern, 
which would make up the dream jacket that I was in search of. 
Trying to draft a jacket would have been a great learning experience,
but over here at Bonne Chance we want to get things done! Besides, maybe I could learn
a French thing or two.

Rotary cutting system Christmas present to myself.

This is what your pdf will look like, seam allowances are not added. The only tricky thing was going to
be the French instructions. I used google translator to translate the typed text, still it was not very clear.
So I ditched the instructions and found tutorials on making lined jackets. I know that I must have made
it differently than the French directions instructed but the greatest help in the end was a wonderful youtube video, long as it is, on sewing a bagged lined jacket with a notched collar. Here you go, if you have the time.

I thought this book might help in lieu of instructions, but the tailoring techniques in it were too 
advanced. It did help me with the lined patch pocket.

I opted for only the one button to keep it more like the beloved Marant.
I chose a thick wool boucle that had a slight herring bone pattern
 which I found after shopping a few other stores, at Mood. 
The lining is a grey rayon bemberg.
Thank you Male Pattern Boldness, I followed your lead on that one.

Here is where I really goofed and for the life of me couldn't figure out how to do it correctly.
The hem of the bottom edge is supposed to be turned up, at least 1/2 inch, but there wasn't any extra allowance for it given. Also there is a very tricky way to attach the lining at the facing hem but it was
totally beyond me how to do it without the extra allowance. I think the instructions must have asked to add a hem allowance at the bottom after the facing on the jacket and the lining.
What I ended up doing is OK, surely nothing to brag about.

See it does have lining.

After seeing the pictures of my unkempt hair I decided to later try an updo and wear it
with an older make, my uptown dress which never sees the light of day.  

This looks a little more French, mais no?

PS I have really enjoyed reading everyones 2013 round ups, hits and misses and future goals. I guess
my round up was my wedding- apology again- , all in all I only sewed about 12 things last year, so my goal this year is simply just to sew more, and sew more of what I will actually wear. That means buying better fabrics, sorry jobber that sells 1$ per yard poly.. and being more aware of styles and fits that I gravitate towards. Also learning that as fun as all the social media is, all this reading and talking about doing can actually get in the way of doing.  I have been wondering to myself why I do this, and enjoy it so much, after years of reading blogs but being afraid to be a blogger, I found this article, Top 10 Reasons Why People Blog, which I thought was nice and true. Thank you all out there for your kindness in helping me to vanish my insecurities and contribute. Big Hugs!

Here are a few Gerard's from around the web:
Made by 6 and Jolies Bobines. Man I need to take better pictures!


  1. Wow, this is gorgeous! I love it! It's so, so stylish! Fantastic!

    1. Thank you so much Sonja! You should add it to your list of must makes!

    2. Your tailoring book is one of the best around. Don't be afraid to go back and "absorb" all of its goodness when you have the chance. Here is a method of bagging a lining which I have not tried, but hope to. It eliminates the hand sewing at the hem/facing corner. There are about 3 tutorials that I've seen on the interwebs. Here is one of them

    3. Thank you, I have started reading a bit of the book, I for sure want to learn more and thank you for the tutorial link, for the tricky corner, that is very helpful! I think that I could have done it if I had added the extra allowance at the hem that I needed. So great that you are sharing your knowledge!

  2. Oooh, I better pick up that book! I absolutely love your Gerard. It's gorgeous.