Sunday, January 18, 2015

Owl Clover Dress

Hello friends, Happy New Year! I am excited to share with you my Christmas gift pattern and fabric, my owl clover dress. When the rents asked what I wanted for Christmas, of course I said fabric and patterns! I specifically asked for this owl print rayon from and the 
amazing Papercut Pattern the Clover Dress.

I really enjoyed putting this pattern together but labored over the decision of what fabric to make the chevron cut outs on the top bodice, I really wanted black lace but in the end the nude silk (leftover from Promballoona)  really was more complimentary to the print. 

One nice thing about this pattern is no buttons or zips to deal with, and it comes together fairly quickly.
I chose to use all french seams, because let's face it- french seams are always a good idea. 
And I didn't make a muslin, the dress looked like it was loose enough that I could rely on the 
measurements to be correct, which they were. I wouldn't mind having this dress be just a tiny bit
looser in future though. I did chose to make a self belt instead 
of the belt that the dress instructions include.

If  you are wondering if you should buy this pattern, I am here to tell you- YES! It is a winner in my book and maybe will become a TNT for me.

The front was a bit of a pattern matching fail, it actually did not even occur to me to try at all
until I sewed it together and realized that I should have.

Thank you to Katie for taking these photos and mom and Mike for the 
fantastic Christmas presents! 

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Free PDF Mia Dress

Hello fellow sewist! I have been lagging in my new projects of late, but I have long been wanting to share this pattern with you all, the Mia Dress! Advance apologies for not offering it in all sizes, as my pattern making skills have yet to be good enough to do a full graded pattern, a L-XL size will have to wait, but here I offer you a S-M. 

I am outlining the directions here in this post, it is a pretty simple make, no lining or zips! 
Hope that you will enjoy!  Here is what the finished dress looks like:

This pattern assumes basic knowledge of sewing skills and seam allowences are 5/8". 
You can sew right sides together, unless you prefer french seams. 

The steps are pretty simple- first start out by attaching all pieces of the bodice
at shoulder seam and side seam.

Next sew arm up the side and add 2 rows of
 basting stitch for ease gathering at top of shoulder.

Next attach arm to armhole easing as you sew.

Next step is sewing together side seams of the skirt.

Next add 2 rows of basting stitches at top of skirt for gathering.
Pull threads to gather and pin on bodice making gathers even around bodice.
Sew in place.

Next sew cuff ends together and fold in half.

Then you need to sew 2 rows of basting stitches at end of sleeve to
create gathering at cuff. Pin in place and sew.

To sew in bias binding at collar, first start with the keyhole, You can use double or single fold,
for the image I am using double fold.

For the collar I used single fold, so that it didn't show on the outside. Pin
in place on wrong side and sew into place at folded edge. 
If you want to create a tie leave desired length of tie free at ends and pin.

Then sew down on right side.

To finish off the collar you can either create a tie of add a button and loop with
bias binding at center back.

Finally just fold hem under 1/4" twice and stitch down, or sew your own preferred hem.
Note: I added 2" to hem for my version, I prefer my dresses to be a bit longer.

Click HERE to download the PDF. Fingers crossed this works! Cheers,
I hope you enjoy this little baby doll dress.
Please leave a comment below if the download is not working! Thanks!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

First Darling Ranges

Hello friends and fellow sewist! I have had the Megan Nielson Darling Ranges Dress in my stash for awhile, and finally last weekend I broke it out. It is such a sweet, straight forward dress. I am really
hoping it becomes a TNT for me, 

The only pattern adjustment that I made was my usual sizing up 1 at the waist.
I really love though how this pattern has the synch tie at the back. Brilliant!
I used a cute drapy heart patterned rayon from

I am pretty much in love with french seams these days. I am so proud, I even managed french seams
at the gathered waist band. So clean and easy, no messing with serger thread!

All in all I would love to make this dress again! I may lower the waist band and inch or so next time.
Cheers! xo 
PS Yes! I changed the name of my blog but not the address. And Yes! I am officially addicted
to hipster hats. This one is from Urban Outfitters.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Vintage Ballerina

It's been awhile since I blogged, moving and work have been keeping me busy. 
A few months back I made up this vintage ballerina pattern as a secret work project. Shh don't tell 
anyone! I thought I would blog it because it is the first piece of children's clothing that I have
ever made, and it was so fun!

My only regret is that I did not add more layers of tulle and gather it more tightly.
I think it would have been more of a tutu effect. In any case, working with tulle was
new to me also. I am going to give this to my darling niece Katie. Cheers!

Friday, July 11, 2014


Was it ever an actual question? How could I not want to join in celebrating the one and only,
incomparable, Oonaballoona's oonapalooza!
 I think it's about time to make something fun in honor of the gal who inspired me
to start sewing again, believe in myself and actually put pictures of myself in clothes
that I made on the interwebs!

So heres the skinny. I made a silk, sheer By Hand London Anna dress. I know how Oona loves
BHL, and I know her love of print. This is probably the closest I will get to orange! I don't
usually go for bright colors. The fabric was purchased at an amazing Indian shop called 
India Fabric Imports in Berkeley, the prices there are great and the prints are fabulous.
 I think that it is meant for a parsis, but this fabric had another destiny in it's future.

Let's all drink to this inspiring ladays day!!

Ok, so if you haven't noticed- the dress is a bit tight in the waist. I didn't want
to wash this silk but I should have steamed it before I cut it. Unfortunately all
of the steam from my finishing shrunk it down a bit. But it wouldn't be Oonapalooza
if it wasn't a bit sexy!!

Have a great month Miss Oona! Cheers!!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sheer Bow Mid Length

Hello to friends, family and fellow sewists from beautiful, foggy SF! Today I bring to you my favorite TNT pattern, one that I have made at least 5 times by now, the Simplicity Built by Wendy Pattern 3964. I usually make the short sleeve, summery version, but I thought that this
 poly chiffon would lend itself to longer sleeves, and indeed a longer hemline. I lengthened the pattern by 10" to make it more of a mid length. I bought this fun print ages ago at a random jobber downtown, and had no idea what I was going to do with it, but dresses seem to be my thing lately, so I thought a longer, sheer dress would work nicely in my wardrobe.

I just love the triangle detail and how it sews up. Such elegance!

The hat matches! I have been on bit of a hat mission lately, they do seem to add a lot to a look! 

This is another super easy pattern, no buttons or zips, and I think really looks best with a drapier
fabric. Unfortunately, as you can see on my side seam, the poly did not iron well, I will
have to keep working on that. Over all I would for sure make up this version again, if I didn't already
have this pattern in such heavy rotation. I do think that I need more long sleeved versions of it!
Next thing on my to do list: Oonapalooza- my pattern is cut, can't wait to get a cocktail in my
hand and start sewing. Cheers! 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Summer Boho Maxi

Hello all of you fantastic sewist out there! Just a tiny post about my super quick and easy summer
maxi that I stitched up last weekend. The pattern is is Vogue -V1352, which I bought during a sale. Gotta love those sales!

The construction is very basic, no zips or buttons. I cut a straight size 10, 
with the elastic waist I figured there would be no adjustments needed, although
now that I see it on, I wouldn't mind the waist being a bit lower.
 The fabric is super inexpensive poly that I picked up downtown during an LA meet-up in April. 
As much as I hate to admit it, if the print is right, sometimes I don't mind certain poly fabrications.
I love the durability and washability! 

I had to throw on the hat..

So there you have it, the easiest dress to throw together in a weekend, so comfy and summery!